Montessori Development Park

Here you will find answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions About Montessori Development Park

Montessori Development Park Slovenia is the main pillar of the Erdkinder of the 21 st Century program, it’s first of its kind and it perfectly combines summertime camp activities with the practical ‘solution-seeking’ learning the greatest tools of building quality life-long relationships.

Erdkinder was Montessori’s answer to adolescence. The idea was to create the farm which would help the children to gain all the knowledge needed to face the adult phase of life. We took that concept, upgraded it, place it in to 2019 and created a program Erdkinder of 21 st Century.

Montessori Development Park is located in Slovenia, 15minutes away from award-winning capital Ljubljana. It’s the 11th safest country in the world with the most unique and diverse nature on a very small surface.

The Park is set on a working farm above the town of Vrhnika, ancient base of the Roman empire; Nauportus. The farm is surrounded by forest where the students hike, explore and enjoy horseback riding.

In addition to the main camp side, there are numerous workshops on the property. Children take care for the farm animals, learn handcrafts like woodworking, experiment with horticulture in an alternative energy laboratory and put on performing arts shows. The Park even has it’s own aquaponic system to cultivate fresh vegetables.

The main project this year is going to be planning and building a vertical aquaponic system for growing vegetables and fish in a circling connected environment.

Adolescent will gain more confidence, life skills, global connections and tools for finding and sticking with their purpose on the path of life.

Main topics this year will explore:

– global warming & it’s impacts,
– how to feed the planet (agriculture),
– how to retain and even revitalize biodiversity,
– smart use of natural resources (especially water circualtion),
– smart using of technology,
– self-sustainability,
– entrepreneurship,
– social bonding,
-culture exploring,
-social awareness,
– and much more

At evenings we will have a cultural program where the groups of students from around the world will present their country and culture, we will play music, sing and dance and before bed we will watch the stars and talk about astronomy.

With the help of experts and academic mentors Development Park’s main
goal is to push the surplus of adolescence’s energy towards the right direction of each individual. That unique individual attention to each person is the reason why camp’s capacity is limited to the max. 25 30 kids at once.

Slovenia is distinguished by unspoilt nature and a good quality of life. Any part of it is reachable wit 1hr drive from capital. You can hike the mountains in the morning and jump into Adriatic see on the afternoon. More than half of its surface is covered by forest which is making Slovenia one of the greenest country in the world. It’s also one of the safest countires to live in, which makes it perfect for International Summer Global Classroom HOST.

There’s a funny coincidence and parallel of Maria & Mario Montessori’s story with the start of our programme. It’s all about quality mother-son relationship and mutual cooperation. Mother with a clear vision and a great sense for education and scientific pedagogy and son who is helping to delivery her massage into the world.

That’s exactly the story of Ožbe and Eda, founders of Montessori Development Park and Erdiknder of 21 st Century. Inclusive Montessori Camp was for years a project of their effort and this year they’re stepping up the game and revolutionarily sending it into the world.

There is no typical day in Montessori Development Park, but if there would be one it would look probably something like this

7:30 – 8:15 waking up, taking care for yourself, self service breakfast
8:15 morning gathering time and routine
9.00 – 13.00 free choice work/projects
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch time
14:00 – 15:00 free time
15:00 – 18:00 afternoon free choice work/project
18:15 – 19:00 dinner
19:00 – 19:30 reflection of the day and planning the next day
19:30 – 21:30 social/cultural evenings
22:00 silence time

We combine the program with a practical learning, solution seeking for the global challenges, healthy sport and the excursion program across all over the country.

We are not just a camp, we are a wholesome combination of different aspects of learning from nature and from world-class experts.

Adolescents will live on the camp within a small community, where everybody should take care of themselves and peers around. Our biggest advantage is that through the time spent in camp, we’ll be living with hand in hand with science, real knowledge from academic experts. It will be mixed with practicality and a lot of fun, to keep focus and curiosity in the place.

All the activities will be support by the professionals, engineers and PhDs in:

– Agriculture + beekeeping
– Ecology + biology
– Mechanical and electro engineering
– Microbiology
– Geology
– Geography
– Economy
– Anthropology
– Handcrafts

All this scientists and professionals will fully cover all our needs for guiding us true all
our projects.

Expected Classroom Outcomes:
– Improved knowledge with guided academic mentorships,
– More confidence and clarity,
– Powerful positive memories,
– Personal development though teamwork and physical achievement,
– Social development through community activities and excursions,
– Lasting international relationships,
– Improved English (official camp language) and general communication skills

Field Trips Around Slovenia

The camp is character-building and a great way to learn English naturally. As with everything we do, safety is an absolute priority. Adventurous activities are provided by fully qualified professional mentors. Our team will provide general support and supervision. (Risk assesments are in place for each activity and our insurance is extended to cover this activiteies)

We will visit a real hi-tech hydroponic greenhouse, the biggest one in the country. They are special because they use geothermal energy to warm up the greenhouse and for the production of energy. On the same day, we will visit a geological park Vulkanija where our students will get in touch with geological activities of our planet.

With our PhD geology researcher we will visit a unique Karst area. We will go bellow the earth surface in a Škocjanske caves. When we will be back on the surface we will visit one of a kind medieval Predjama castle.

Every 14 days we will visit the Capital of Ljubljana. The trip to Ljubljana will be one
afternoon (day is not fixed but for sure every student will visit it). With ice creams in our hands, we will walk down the lovely city center.

Every 14 days will go to the seaside. In the morning we will visit Sečovlje Salina Nature Park where we will discover how the sea salt is produced and harvested. Afternoons we will spent on the beach, swimming in the Adriatic sea and play different seaside activities.

That is our mountain region with the highest Alp mountains in the country. We will visit one of the Europe hidden gem, Lake Bled. Later on we will drive to one of the Alps valley called Tamar. It is special because in it is the second biggest ski jumping hill in the world, Planica . Our students will have a chance to test their flying abilities with 1991 World Champion in Ski jumping, montessori pedagogue and PhD in Geography, on a mobile jumping hill Mini Planica. During the whole trip we will explore geography on this area.

We didn’t want to deprive you of the Slovenian experience, while younger ones will be fully enjoying. That’s why we prepared a bonus holiday pack for parents that wants to get the taste of one of the rising gems of Europe – Slovenia. Check out what you can do in our beautiful country.

All our tours are custom made, depends on your wishes and days available. We have
the best guides, that can help you with consultation and arranging your trip.
Please contact us on our email: sloveniatours@montessoirdp.com, for more datails.

Useful Information

12.7. – 24.7. 2020   1178€ (Early bird 943€)
12.7. – 31.7. 2020   1647€ (Early bird 1318€)
12.7. – 7.8. 2020     1996 € (Early bird 1597€)
26.7. – 7.8. 2020     1178€ (Early bird 943€)

Montessori Development Park Slovenia is in the countryside, located 20 minutes away from capital Ljubljana. If you wish to bring your child personally to the school Park please ask us for travel directions and details of local accommodation if required. The majority of our pupils travel via Ljubljana airport. We meet and greet pupils on arrival and assist them on arrivals and departures.

We meet pupils in arrival and provide free transfers for flights arriving between 10.00 –18.00.

We provide free transfers and assist pupils with check-in for flights departing between 10.00 – 16.00

  • accommodation and healthy local food
  • professional montessori mentors and special guests
  • all the materials and equipment that we will use from solar panels to handtools
  • trips around Slovenia
  • Friendly animals
  • prepared environment
  • international friends

To check availability and book online please see our web site at www.montessoridp.com or contact us below. If a place is available we will request your payment of 500€ to secure the place. The balance of fees is due 6 weeks before the child attends.

For participants who arrive at Ljubljana Airport after 16.00 or before 11.00, we can arrange escorted taxi transfers at extra cost (approximately 35€) in one direction. The cost reduces for children traveling together. Please contact us for precise details.

Where possible we will put you in contact with other parents so that children can travel together. We cannot provide accommodation in the camp for pupils who arrive in Slovenia before our scheduled arrival date or leave the country after our scheduled departure date.

Terms & conditions

We accept bookings on the understanding that the booker provides accurate details. At any time during the course, we may request to see official documentation to confirm a child’s age and identity. If proof cannot be provided, or if we discover that significantly inaccurate details have been provided at the time of booking, we reserve the right to remove the child from the course without refund of fees.

The balance of fees is payable 6 weeks before the child attends. If a booking is made less than 6 weeks before attending, the deposit and balance will be payable within 10 days. If any fees remain unpaid 14 days of more after the payment date on the invoice the place will be cancelled.

We reserve the right to repatriate a child at any time at the parent/guardian’s expense and without refund of fees if we consider this to be in the child’s best interest or if we consider the child’s behavior to be detrimental to the general welfare of the school. Reasons for exclusion may include – but are not necessarily limited to – severe incontinence: self – harming; the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs; repeated smoking; bullying.

Comprehensive travel and medical insurance is (NOT) included in the course fee for all pupils attending.

If a place is available, we will request a non-refundable deposit of 500€ to secure the booking. This must be paid within 10 days of making the booking: if not, the place will automatically become available to other students.

If the child’s place is canceled by us after the beginning of the 1st of June there will be no refund of fees. If we receive notice of cancellation in writing before June, we will at our discretion refund 70 – 100% of your payment if we are able to fill the vacancy. Depending on the reason for cancellation you may be able to reclaim some or all of your losses from our insurers.

Programme details are published in good faith. We reserve the right to make changes to any aspect of the course if necessary.