Eda Šteblaj

mother of 4 kids, 15+ years experience in Montessori, the first generation of Montessori experts in Slovenia, co-founder of national Montessori association, first and only Montessori therapist in Slovenia (certified in Germany).

In the last 10 years, she established five 4 Montessori kindergartens and teams, the last two are her own. After establishing kindergartens she wants more, so together with her oldest son (MSc in Agriculture), she starts to develop the program for Erdkinder for the 21st-century which is also her master thesis at Inclusion pedagogy program at University of Primorska, Faculty of Education.

Her cheerful character, optimistic spirit, and creative mind help her to look at the future and at the same time respect the tradition. She is aware of global issues and includes them in all of her programs, that she is working on. She understands that all of us have the same human tendencies and that at the same time each of us is individuum.

She loves diversity and values the uniqueness of each person. Her passion and life purpose is to invite the potential of every child. She knows that everything in the world is in balance and that our task is to maintain that. She loves her family, her mission and she says she is looking forward to the future we will create together.